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Is your workout boring you?

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Whatever you choose your workout to be, if you stay curious, you’ll stay focus and motivated. We often lose our motivation when we stop looking for opportunities of exploration in our own workouts. So if you’re workouts are boring you, time to check in with how present you are when you’re working out. Tune into your body and you’ll find that there’s a whole conversation your body is having with you — from how to correctly do an exercise to how you can find your next challenge within an exercise, the answers are there.

Embarc Fundraiser – A New Movement

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If you missed it last year,  this is your chance to get tickets before it sells out completely — again. A New Movement, and evening of dance benefiting the Embarc organization will be happening on Nov. 1st with six world premier pieces featuring the Joffrey dancers.

The past few years, I’ve been heavily involved with this organization and have gotten to know a few of students who have thrived despite the odds stacked against them. They are now leaders in their school and in their community. They mentor other students through Embarc and are creating their own programs to solve the problems in their community. The transformation that I have seen for some of students have left me awestruck and renewed my belief and committment that hope comes in many packages, and it can have a ripple affect far greater than you would ever imagine.

Even if you can not make it to the performance, you can still be involved. Purchase a ticket on behalf of one of the Embarc students or simply donate to be a part of providing access to real-world experiences that gives students a profound understanding of their own personal possibilities.

Extra bonus, I’ll be there.