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[testimonial¬† author=”Edith”]
I have worked with Carmel at Core Evolution for several years. I see Carmel for weekly one hour sessions. I am a 71 year old woman who is thankful for Carmel everyday as I walk in the park, play with my grandkids on the floor and in their yards and take tours as a docent at the Art Institute . I have learned about my body and how best to use it. I have strengthened my core and have found that I am stronger and have fewer aches and pains. Whenever people ask me what my secret is–I always answer “My Carmel”!

[testimonial author=”April”]
I wish I could give more than 5 stars.

I gave birth to a giant child over 2 years ago. The combination of my weakened abs, poor posture (thanks to my beloved laptop) and strained upper back (from lifting said giant child) started to take their toll.

I heard about Core Evolution from my cool mother-in-law who is a regular there. I was immediately impressed with Carmel’s passion for pilates and anatomy. She knew exactly the right stretches and exercises to help build me back up. She has done more for me than 2 different physical therapists and a chiropractor. Also, we laugh all the way through class and I am constantly amazed at what my abs can do. If I only had found her before getting pregnant, I’d have skipped over all this back pain.

This is one of those reviews where I’m hesitant to share for fear it will get too popular–I like the intimate feel Core Evolution has, but at the same time need to express how amazing this instruction has been for my quality of life in hopes it will help others improve theirs.

Thank you, Carmel for making me fall in love with pilates.

[testimonial author=”Jeff”]

Carmel is the best pilates instructor in Chicago! ¬†Over the last ten years, I have had three major surgeries and a series of serious back and shoulder injuries. ¬†These problems had left me discouraged about my future and the possibility of ever living pain-free again. ¬†Carmel changed all that. ¬†She created a workout plan that was tailored to my body. ¬†She helped me strengthen the muscles I need to support my back, and stretch the muscles I need to stay injury free. ¬†Because of her and the hard work we’ve done over the last year, I now live pain-free. ¬†I am lucky to have found her.


[testimonial author=”Lisa”]

Carmel is outstanding!! She’s an inspirational teacher and has a keen sense of your body and movements!! Secretly, she’s a fortune-teller of your posture!! We have worked together for 4 years and I feel privileged to have her in my life. She’s lovely all around!!! [/testimonial]
[testimonial author=”Donna” ]
“Carmel’s expertise, knowledge and experience with movement, mind, body and spirit give me the confidence that I can strengthen, understand and enjoy my body and an active lifestyle forever.¬† Everyone is unique; we all have our own personal imperfections, structural weaknesses and injuries.¬† Each private session with Carmel is customized to the individual, taking into account all of the elements of a person, how they are right now, with the goal of enhancing body balance and inner harmony.¬† I’m in-for the duration!

[testimonial author=”Melissa”]
I will admit it, I am not – nor have I ever been – the kind of self-motivated workout buff that willingly gets out of a warm cozy bed at 5 am to run in a Chicago blizzard. I even find myself a little repulsed by the bubbly, overly enthusiastic fit people bouncing up and down in ‘Cardio (insert the most recent fad workout craze here)’ classes. That said, I now find myself eagerly getting up in the morning and piling on the layers to trudge over to Core Evolution to hit the ‘reset’ button on my body.

Over the past few months I’ve been working with Carmel at Core Evolution in both private Pilates classes and group mat classes. From day one I have been impressed by her; she take a mastery approach that is rigorous (read: results!), joyful, safe, and accessible to anyone– whether you’re rehabbing from injury, looking for a more exciting option other than the gym, or training for the ballet. When I walk out of her studio, I feel long, lean, strong, and centered every time. I feel pushed yet taken care of; and I am constantly amazed by how much stronger my body feels.

Carmel brings an incredible energy and enthusiasm to her private and group classes that is motivating. She obviously loves what she does and it radiates through. There is a soft intensity to her sessions that is not overwhelming or intimidating but keeps you demanding the best from yourself.

Unlike other classes I’ve tried where the instructors rattle off instructions and you’re never sure if you’re doing it right, Carmel talks you through the movements with very clear cues and descriptions so you can really visualize the goal. Her mastery of Pilates becomes even more evident as she breaks down the exact muscles and movements. During private sessions she works to regain strength in neglected or injured areas and then uses the small (~5 people) classes to continue the work, meeting everyone in the class’s individual needs. Although I know I am one of her many students, I feel a that she is committed to making me stronger and knows my body and it’s ‘kinks’ without me having to say very much.

The studio itself is clean, organized and very pleasant. The other students that I’ve met have been unpretentious, nice and very friendly. Thankfully no annoying perkiness or spandex or gossip filled locker rooms or other workout related creepiness.

No matter how I feel going into class, I always leave refreshed, energized and feeling better. I could not recommend Carmel and Core Evolution more. Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced student it is the place to go to become strong, healthy, and who knows – maybe have a little fun along the way!

Bonus: Online booking – love it! And frequent Gilt City discounts!
[testimonial author=”Judy”]

I have preferred working out in a non class environment and have tried other yoga/pilates classes but did not stick with them. I now realize the difference an instructor makes. Carmel’s classes are easy to follow and challenging no matter your fitness level. ¬†I have taken both equipment and mat classes. She does a great job talking through the moves making sure you get the most out of your efforts. Her expertise is very evident.

The classes are small, the studio is very clean with very good equipment and clientele are very friendly. Not an intimidating environment at all.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Laren”]Carmel is incredibly knowledgeable about movement, posture, physiology and pilates. She is passionate about her craft and totally customizes each session to the need at hand. ¬†I am certain that I have added some inches to my verticalness since working with her for the past couple years. A true professional.[/testimonial]

[testimonial author=”Nina”]

Carmel is a really wonderful Pilates instructor, the best ¬†I’ve worked with since I moved to Chicago 8 years ago. She’s fun and engaging but is also methodical and really cares about taking you through a program of exercises that work for you.

The Core Evolution studio is convenient, a short walk from the Chicago Red Line stop, bright and welcoming.[/testimonial]

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