Structural Integration – The Series

Movement heals, but often we are confronted by areas of our bodies that we can’t bring our awareness or movement into. Structural Integration looks at and affects the body’s patterns of tension held in the connective tissue called fascia. Fascia is a complex web of tissue that touches and envelopes almost every part of the body, supporting bones, surrounding muscles fibers and supporting our overall form. From bad posture, past injuries or repetitive movement, we can create distortions in the fascia that can lead to pain and restrictive movement.

Structural Integration looks holistically at the body’s structure, to not just address local areas of pain or discomfort, but globally to the relationships of structures in the whole body that can contribute to pain, restriction and discomfort. Through a series of sessions, you are led through a systematic analysis and reorganization to result in a body that is more resilient and more functionally ablue.

Our structure and our movement are intimately related. Improve the former and your create ease and significant improvement in the latter.

Each series is a process of unfolding chronic tension, habits and building awareness. It is an opportunity to step deeper into your whole self.


The Three Series is a great introduction to Structural Integration.  If you’ve done the Twelves series prior, this series can be used as a refresher for your body. The sessions focus on redefining the relationships in the lower body, the upper body and the spine respectively to produce a body more at ease with itself.

Structural Integration is a collaboration between practitioner and client. The work goes well beyond the time spent together in a session and continues through new found awareness and movement homework.

While specific areas of pain can be addressed, the goal is to support a system that works with overall ease and efficiency often bringing a relief in pain symptoms.


This is an opportunity to delve deeper into the work and into your own body.  Each session is targeted around a different area of the body to focus on in detail.

The series is organized into three major sections; there are four sessions to address the superficial tissues, four sessions to address the deeper core tissues, and four sessions to integrate the changes of the two layers while doing movement re-education to set you up for continued change and progress even after the completion of the series.


Each session includes a posture and a movement assessment. Be prepared to  do some light movement and be an active participant in the session.

Typically sessions are done in minimal sport/swim attire or the equivalent, allowing the practitioner maximum access to a person’s skin, but having enough supportive coverage for movement work. ( for men: shorts, for women: shorts and supportive top).

The nature of the work can cause strong sensations to come up as it focuses on addressing long held tension, adhesions and tissue patterns. Though there may be some short periods of mild discomfort, the work will be applied only as deep as you are comfortable.

The specific outcomes of each series are as unique as each individual that comes into the work, with possible outcomes ranging from decreased physical discomfort, enhanced athletic performance, better posture and a decrease in emotional stress.


This work is for anyone that wants to be an active participant in their personal journey of health, healing and transformation. This includes those:

  • looking for ways to move their body out of a cycle of chronic pain and discomfort
  • who want to improve their posture
  • looking for supportive practices to begin or sustain an active lifestyle
  • who are athletes/dancers wanting to improve their performance
  • who want more ease in their everyday movement

Sessions run approximately 90 minutes.

Please call for more information or to set up an appointment with Carmel.


Single Session $175
Three Series  $450
Twelve Series $1800

Form & function are a unity, two sides of one coin. In order to enhance function, appropriate form must exist or be created.  — Dr. Ida Rolf