Located in the beautiful River North area of Chicago, Core Evolution Studio is dedicated to the practice of Pilates,  Movement Therapy and Structural Integration.  Evolving from the owner’s own process of years of teaching and practicing movement as a professional dancer, Pilates practitioner, and Yogi, Core Evolution Studio is dedicated to a personalized approach at helping you become your best self.

Core Evolution Studio is dedicated to improving and refining your ability for movement whether your a professional athlete or a scared beginner trying to reconnect to your body for the first time in a long time. With a core focus on personal training, personalized classes and bodywork, the studio is committed to helping you become your best self whether you’re recovering from surgery, dealing with chronic back pain and discomfort, or simply want to improve how your body moves and looks.

By strengthening the core of the body, you strengthen your ability to go through your life with more grace, efficiency, and ease. Your movement practice goes beyond just exercising and improves your quality of life. At Core Evolution, commitment to understanding your body’s needs and particular challenges, and developing a movement practice that uniquely evolves you to your most highest potential is the top priority.

As much there is mind-body connection, there is a body-mind connection. There exist an intimate and reciprocal relationship between the two, so as the body evolves and expands in its potential within itself and its dynamic relationship with the world, the mind expands and evolves in its perception of the possibilities in the world.

Get started now on becoming your best self!