Sometimes the best answer is the simplest

Are you in pain? Check out how you stand, sit, or walk.

Or better yet, have someone watch you do any of these things. While the body is a very complicated machine, sometimes the best answers are sometimes the simplest. Chances are, while you are awake and about in the world, you find yourself in one of these positions. So it makes sense that these activities would also lead to clues on where your imbalances are. Don’t have a friend handy. Do periodic check ins while you’re standing in the grocery line or towards the end of the day and do a mental body scan.

Are you standing evenly on both feet?
Look down. Are your feet both pointing in the same direction?
Does your weight feel like it’s more towards your toes or towards your heels?

Just answering these three questions can make you aware of habits that you’ve created in your body. Maybe just changing that habit can get you out of discomfort, or if not, it’s definitely a clue to what may be going on further up or down your body.