Personalized Training

Why work one on one? Simply because it works. Ā Having an individualized and personalized course of action gets you to your goals faster and reduces the chances of injury. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get the most out of every time you step on the mat? Private or Duet lessons are 55 minute sessions that supports your unique physical and postural needs while getting you deeper in your Pilates and Yoga practice. You walk out having had a great work out, breathing better, and moving your body and with a better sense of comfort, alignment and control.

New to Pilates and/or Yoga? Want to know what to expect? Get your answers here.

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Private Session Packages

  • New Student Intro Package: 3 private sessions for $270.00*
  • Single SessionĀ  $105.00
  • Five Session PackageĀ  $515.00
  • Ten Session PackageĀ  $1000.00

Duet Session Packages (Prices per Person)

  • Single SessionĀ  $65.00
  • Five Session $310.00
  • Ten Session Package $600.00

Please note for all duet appointments, if only one person is signed up for the time, the appointment will revert to a private session appointment with the appropriate rate applied to the session.

*new students only, one time purchase

To purchase a package or make an appointment please call (312) 375-9512 or go online.